Monday, June 4, 2012

Pampered Chef (RTM) Microplane Review

Ready, Get set, GO!

I'm launching the PC part of Gluten Free Fantasy this week with my very first "First Look" at several PC products. My friend and upline, Lauree, is a super gal and she and I are going to have a fantastic time bringing you REAL info on these products. Expect excitement... expect fun... and expect fast paced info that is anything but fake!

Hold onto your laptops here we go!!

I grated the whole block of cheese in less than a minute!
Here is the PC Microplane (TM) adjustable fine grater (there is also a coarse FYI). It grated an 8oz. block of cheese so fast I nearly lost a finger when I turned my head. We grated pecorino Romano cheese which is made from sheep's milk. It's salty, and normally a lot like Parmesan, but not with this tool. The micorplane lives up to it's name and made fluffy micro-thin curls from this hard cheese. They were so thin and light that they melted in my hand! Also, as you can see in the video, I spent very little energy and time (things I have in short supply with 4 kids!) grating a good amount of cheese. In a later video I'll show you the whole pile I made in less than 1 minute!

The Blade is Made in the USA!
The one thing I didn't like about this was how sharp the blade was, but that is the reason it works so quickly. It look harmless coming out of the box, and I even was able to "test" the blade and did not get cut (that is until was using it for real), but it is not. Let the kiddos watch you (and point and laugh while they get you a band-aid) on this one. :)

My next video will be a "use and care" video, as I really didn't read the directions before I used it the first time. (hence the need of first aid, LOL)

If you'd like to get this, go to:

and search "microplane," or just drop me a line on Facebook and I'll hook you up. :)

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