Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Wheat Free Easy?

 I read a recent post on the wildly popular naturalparentingtips.com newsletter saying that there are many options, so going wheat free isn't hard.

To him or her I say "YEAH RIGHT!!"

For someone who cut their teeth on takeout and fast food (and is currently reaping the health benefits thereof) going wheat free is not easy. I long to buy the chewy bread and bagels, enjoy the hot mac and cheese, and relish the ability to order the fudge brownie delight at my local eatery.

But I don't. Why? Because I like not having seizures. Plain and simple. Oh, I also like being able to drive. :)
While processed food makers are falling all over themselves to fill the huge chasm between whole foods and franken foods, I've learned to cope. I get most of my daily intake from single and two ingredient foods such as peanut butter, puffed corn, fruits, rice cakes and veggies. This assures me I don't violate my food rules.
But I do indulge in multi-nationally derived pseudo food on occasion, like cookies made from rice flour, and bread made with some kinda modified food starch and mold inhibiting cultured corn syrup. This keeps my dopamine pathways, the ones that were carved in childhood, happy. Well, happy enough. :)


  1. Going gluten free isn't as difficult as it used to be, but it's surely not easy. I agree with you. My son has multiple allergies, including gluten, and I've had to completely relearn how to cook, and especially bake.

    I came across your site on the Circle of Mom's top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs. It's given me the idea to start a blog hop for allergies, asthma and eczema - parents or adults dealing with the condition. Please check out the page here and add a comment if you'd like to join. Thanks!



  2. Hi Jennifer!

    As a homeschooling mom of 4 with a property management and freelance writing business, my blogs sometimes take a backseat. That means I sometimes don't respond to comments as quickly as I'd like. ;)

    It is getting easier, however I think that gluten is only part of the problem. Our food supply is littered with so many toxic chemicals (oh just a little won't hurt, right?) that I think have a synergistic effect. If you read my post on the fumigation of grain (http://glutenfreefantasy.blogspot.com/2010/07/is-pesticide-residue-causing-celiac.html), you'll find out what I really think!

    It's awesome that you've decided to start your own blog and I'm geeked that I played a small part in it! (geek being the opportune word there. :)