Friday, April 1, 2011

Yes, I Expereinced Nerological Improvement from a Vibration Machine

OK, it is no secret that I've had some seizures believed to be a result of my gluten intolerance. The grand mal, or tonic clonic seizures as they call them now, were by far the scariest for the onlookers. For me, I just got a real good nap and a little bit of tongue soreness from biting it during the process. The partial seizures were much scarier to me. I knew I was losing control, I could see and feel it. This included, yes I'm going to say it, my bladder. Aside from the "aura" that happened before I lost consciousness, the grand mal seizures were just exhausting. That is except the time I must have bounced my head off the filing cabinet. :)

Years before I had my first tonic clonic seizure, I'd get "dizzy" spells. Sometimes this included flashing lights before my eyes, sometimes it was just an odd feeling. Imagine my surprise when I started to get some of these "aura" symptoms after a bought of a horrendous flu this past winter. After 3 days of suffering with a 103 fever, I experienced flashing lights so strong it looked like someone was turning on and off the lights rapidly. I also had a slight “dizzy” feeling that had shadows of the past. These symptoms also were joined with two nasty cold sores. I think there might be an opertunistic virus that is dormant in my nervous system.

This got me thinking about some way to improve my nervous system function. I happened by Dr. Mercola’s website and saw a vibrating machine that said it improved circulation, endocrine function and (drum roll please) neurological function. Before I even looked at the price tag, I decided to give it a try.

“Whoa… wait a minute…it’s how much?!?”

This thing was 5 grand. No matter the wonderful promise of great health, I needed to find a more budget conscious alternative. After looking for local gym memberships that included this machine as part of their workout equipment and learning they were over $350 a month, I went to the net for an inexpensive “trial” product. I looked on three different websites for four hours...
Vibration Exerciser - Mini Crazy Fit (Black) (25.5''H x 9.5''W x 20''D) 

I finally found this one, which had excellent reviews from people at my fitness level, and the price tag was a mere 200 bucks. Nice.

When it arrived I was getting over yet another cold and feeling particularly run down. I got on for the recommended 10 minutes and I was surprised at the result. Before I got on I was ready to take a nap, after I was ready to take on housework. It was a big difference. I’ve used this little gem every day for 2 weeks and while the energy difference is less noticeable, it is still evident. It improves my mood, my outlook and my energy. If I use it right before bed, it even improves my sleep.

I do isometric exercises on this to protect my back, of which I recently had surgery on, but I have not gone any further than this. I have not consulted my doctor, which I know I should do, but the last time I called him he immediately suggested anti-seizure meds. I doubt something like this would be acceptable to him.

There is no doubt in my mind that this machine is doing something good for me on a neurological level. What that exactly is, I cannot be sure, but I do know I got the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time by jumping on this right before jumping in bed. :)

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