Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Did ... IT!!!

After being almost entirely gluten free for the last 3 years, I broke down yesterday. I ate a wheat based cookie. It was a healthy one, no trans fats, organic flour (it was a Newman's product), but let me tell you the experience was not healthy.

Despite the sugar and cinnamon I love, the cookie did NOT taste good! After the hard swallow it took to get it down, I notices a slimy feeling in my mouth and throat. While I did not get a stomach ache per se, I definitely did not feel right afterward. I began to get tired and lethargic, and this was just one small cookie!

Whether it was the emotion from the symptoms, or the symptom from the emotions, I felt irritable as well. Some would say I'm normally like that, but this was worse than normal.

I hope this encourages you celiacs to avoid gluten based stuff no matter what. Some of you don't "feel" symptoms, but still experience damage to your intestines. The fact is I wanted to enjoy this cookie, and I did not. From the first bite, to the last swallow, to the minor gastric symptoms (like I said it was a small cookie) it was not a pleasant experience. Don't do it!

I'm going to the store and getting me some K-toos.  :)


  1. I was just going to ask you if you ever cheat. :)

  2. There was one other time... I took a small bite of a gooey cheese pizza. My stomach ached that night and I had digestive issues all the next day.

    I have a good reason to stay away though. The seizures I suffered in 2005 through 2008 were directly linked to digestive issues that, I believe, were caused by eating wheat dairy and soy. You can find my complete story here:


    Thanks for posting!