Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sandwich Cookies for Us

I love sandwich cookies. My brother and I used to make our own triple and quadruple stuffed Oreos by taking the cookies apart. I remember a car ride where he and I made a stack of sandwich cookie cream so tall you had to hold the thing with two hands. Boy did we enjoy the sugar high on that trip.

If you like sandwich cookies and you are gluten free, you have few choices. If you want classic Oreo style sandwich cookies, Ktoos by Kinnikinnick will most certainly make you forget you have any diet restriction whatsoever. Dip these in some ricemilk and you are in for a treat. My favorite is the chocolate, but the vanilla is awesome too.

Dear Kinnikinnick, can you please make a double stuffed Ktoo? Signed, Reminiscing G-Free

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