Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Me and Elisabeth Hasselbeck...

If you've read my post, "The Diet Connection," you know that the G-free lifestyle is literally a lifeline for me. Although all my tests were negative for the disease (I got the biopsy done after being on the gluten free diet for months) I could not argue with the results. My belly no longer hurt after eating, my seizures were disappearing, my hair was growing back, there was color in my cheeks again, I was gaining weight. It seemed like I'd found my cure.

This did not stop my doctor from arguing with proof though. She told me, "you don't want to go on that diet, it is so expensive." I now know that the diet is much less expensive than the medical care and drugs they would have had me sign up for. Rice is cheap, and when you grind your own into flour you might even say it's less expensive than a traditional diet, just alot more time consuming!

I knew Elisabeth Hasselbeck was G-free when she did an interveiw for "Living Without" magazine a few years back. But what I learned from an ABC interview is just how much we had in common. We both dealt with persistant doctors, questioning family members and bad stomach bugs. And we both question the traditional medical community's seeming ignorance of the mounting avalanche of wheat victims.

My latest post about pesticide residue possibly linked with gluten sensitivity brings a whole new development to the battle against the traditional medical community and the FDA. Stay tuned for lots more questions and maybe a few answers.

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