Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ALFRED-NO Sauce - Gluten free Recipe

A note about my recipes: You may notice my recipes don’t include a ¼ teaspoon of anything. This method of recipe writing frees the reader to use their instincts, follow their gut, and find their inner chef. I mean, would anyone really notice a dash more salt in a vat of soup? Alright, go ahead and put it in, just taste it as you go OK?


This sauce looks, smells, has the texture of and almost tastes like alfredo sauce, but is DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE, EGG FREE, NUT FREE and WHEAT FREE! It’s a simple base of rice flour, oil and spices to create a great sauce to put over pasta, chicken.


  • Rice Milk - About 2 cups, plain works best
  • Oil - About ½ to 1 cup, Olive oil is healthy, but expensive, Canola works
  • Rice Flour - About ½ cup, I grind my own with my Family Grain Mill. It saves tons of cash from buying the bagged rice flour
  • Vinegar - About 2 Tablespoons, Use more or less depending on the tang you like, I use apple cider vinegar
  • Mustard - About a Tablespoon, any kind you like
  • Sugar - About a Tablespoon, Brown sugar works and it has more minerals (potassium) than white sugar
  • Salt - About ½ Tablespoon, I use a mixture of iodized and sea salt, again more (wider variety of) minerals
  • Pepper - As much As you like, I give the peppermill a few turns and call it done
  • Garlic - Again, as much as you like in whatever form, Fresh use less, dried use more, I use frozen fresh cloves, they press a lot easier and have a bit less bite
  • Blender - I use a hand blender and a tall plastic container that holds about 1 ½ quarts

Throw all the stuff in the blender and press go. Let sit for a minute and hit it again. This lets the tiny rice particles to absorb some of the liquid. Experiment with the amount of flour and rice milk to get that thick creamy consistency. Heat the stuff under low heat in a sauce pan until warmed. Stir frequently to avoid that goo sticking to the bottom. Pour over steamed oriental rice noodles (I use Mai Fun) and baked chicken. YUM!

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